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New Home Builds

Custom built homes with designs to reflect your aspirations and lifestyle.

David Ryan Homes have been building homes in ACT for many years with recent projects in Wright, Coombs and Denman Prospect. We know the building challenges that this area of Australia poses and how to overcome them to create beautiful homes that stand the test of time.

With so many housing developments under construction, it’s never been more obvious that many builders are using the same 3 or 4 designs resulting in suburbs full of homes that lack character and uniqueness. At David Ryan Homes, we want you to love coming home at the end of the day to a house that truly reflects your style, personality and design taste which is why we specialise in custom building homes, putting you at the centre of the design journey.

If you want your home to look as incredible in 10 or 20 years as it does brand new, then choosing a developer who builds homes en masse as quickly and cheaply as possible can cause more pain in the long run, where low quality materials are used, and shortcuts are taken.  Quality matters, as does making sure that everything is 100% up to standard which is why David Ryan Homes employs a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who will treat your new home as if it were their own.

New Home Builds: Welcome
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What makes a new home build with David Ryan Homes different?

Our focus is on building quality homes that are tailored to your unique personality and specifications.

Concepts & Design

The integrity of the design is the very first step in ensuring that you end up with a home that reflects your tastes, preferences and ethos. It must accommodate any challenges posed by the block of land and environment while including design elements to achieve a unique architectural design that ticks all the boxes for your dream home.

Project Management

We utilise a project management approach for new home builds to ensure that the timeline stays on track. This includes coordinating all speciality trades so that the project is delivered within agreed time frames and budget. This project management focus means that you are always kept up to date with the progress of your project, especially during critical stages.

Attention to Detail & Quality

We take a great deal of pride in the homes we build and love that our clients can rest assured that their new home will exceed quality expectations. Our experienced and qualified team use quality materials and finishes throughout the entire build and ensure that no details are missed. The result of this attention and care is a home that looks incredible and functions exactly how it should.

Senior Involvement

David Ryan Homes owner, David, has extensive building management experience and is regularly onsite to oversee the project so you know your build is being closely monitored at the highest level. We pride ourselves on making sure that every home is given the individual treatment that it deserves which ensures a timely and quality finish. Part of this attention is ensuring that we only use trades we trust and whom we’d use on our own homes.


The confidence we have in our work is reflected by a comprehensive range of warranties and ongoing assurances. We offer a 12-month warranty period for non-structural which means you can be assured you've made the right choice in choosing David Ryan Homes. All your selected appliances will come full assured with warranty and information cards.

New Home Builds: Our Products
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